ALPICE Bookkeeping specializes in providing account management services for condominium and home owner associations and small/home businesses.

Small condominium and home owner associations often find self-management to be a sound financial decision. For trustees willing to put in the time and effort to manage their complex, self-management can be rewarding for them and fiscally prudent for the association. ALPICE Bookkeeping will assist trustees in ensuring the association’s funds are in compliance with Massachusetts General Law (MGL 183a) regarding such important items as reserve usage and 6(d) certificate issuance. We have worked with both newly developer-transitioned and established condominium associations. From budgets to vendors, we can provide expertise that will help trustees reassure fellow unit owners self-management is the right decision for them.

Small or home-based businesses often have special needs. Whether you’re just starting out or been in business for years, we can provide the services you need. Don’t have a computer? Don’t worry. Not every business does… and we have clients who don’t. We can handle what needs to be done to make your business more efficient, and when/if you decide to purchase a computer we’ll show you how to use it.